Not as much as they'd like to. This is being discussed on the FAIR list now, in
fact, and there's a general feeling that this kind of thing -- the Murphy paper --
needs to be addressed. FAIR's problem is that it's just an informal bunch of
amateurs who do what we can on our own time.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> >Thanks for digging this up. Midgley does not think much of the new
> >historians, and
> >has taken Murphy to task for his paper. If you read the paper, you'll see
> >that he
> >refers to papers Midgley wrote about the Church in New Zealand, but
> >Midgley has
> >told me he confronted Murphy about twisting the meaning of what Midgley
> >had wrote.
> >Murphy was squirming, as I understand it, but stood by his position. I
> >would urge
> >all to take this the same way we have taken Bagley's book on the MMM; more
> >heat
> >than light, and it shall pass quickly enough. Those with a real interest in it
> >might want to sign up for FAIR's listserve -- this has been a topic of
> >fruitful
> >discussion there.
> How much does FAIR focus on anti-Mormons within the Church compared with
> anti-Mormons outside the Church? --JWR
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