On Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:23:37 -0500, "Elmer L. Fairbank"
ELF tells of meeting a stranded cold coed and trying to help her, then
> **  My daughter called me from the Atlanta airport this summer in a
> similar 
> state.  She was tired, sick and hungry, coming back from Brazil, had lost 
> her passport and boarding pass and had no one to pick her up in Salt Lake 
> if/when she did get there.  I gave her a strategy, which she followed and 
> it all worked out.  I was almost ready to call my good friend Scott
> McGee, 
> though.  Had I heard from her again while still in Atlanta (with bad
> news, 
> that is) I would have.

Good, because I would have been happy to help. Also, if you had gotten
the call from her in SLC, you could have called my brother (Doug is a
good person too!) or, if you didn't know his number, called me and I
would have called someone there.


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