Gary Smith wrote:
> The only one I'm aware of is the Back to the Future Series. Episodes 2
> and 3 were made simultaneously.  However, they aren't as complicated as
> the LOTR, and they only did two episodes at once, not all three.

Same thing with *the Three Musketeers* and *the Four Musketeers* which 
were shot simultaneously (though further shooting was later 
accomplished, and lots of remixing).  Superman 1 & 2 (really 4 & 5 since 
there were three Superman movies in the 1940s & 1950s, but I digress) 
were shot simultaneously, but then the Saalkinds fired Richard Donner 
and Richard Lester reshot most of Superman 2, making it more comical.  
(Did the Saalkinds have a policy of hiring only directors named 

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