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After much pondering, Elmer L. Fairbank favored us with:
I know what you are saying and agree in principle, but please read this carefully and see if the phrase "puffed up with their own <fill in the blank>" in the last two sentences doesn't jump out at you? Signaturus rhetoric! Do you really feel that way?
I can see where you are coming from, Elmer. And you are probably right that I need to be more humble. But after a while a guy gets tired of being misunderstood even though he is speaking the truth. Speaking the truth should never prompt an argument and bad feelings. When I mean to point a finger, and make things personal, then I'll let everyone know. Until then I recommend that those who might be offended read a little more carefully and see if I have singled them out in mere paraphrasing the scriptures and the writings of the prophets. Usually they will find that I have not.

As I said, John, I am in agreement with you, and it is tiresome. But your rhetoric set off little alarms and I thought you might like to know. I happen to know the truth, it sets me apart from many around me, but the sorrow I feel for them is not really in the line of that rhetoric. As Alma said, I wish I were an angel and had the voice of a trump, but I'm not, I'm just a poor wayfarer, who happens to have latched onto some wonderful knowledge. I constantly strive to live up to that knowledge and usually fall far short. So I keep bumbling from day to day, changing what I can change, and influencing whom I can for good. It's such marvelous knowledge we've got hold of, it's hard to understand how anyone could reject it, but the test of faith comes first. They can not see the marvelous beauty of it until they first soften their hearts to listen, so the light needs to emanate from we disciples for them to see it at all, then hopefully they will look further.

Till the bumbler

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