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 From: "Rob Hanks" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 8:12 AM
Subject: RE: can Calif. lds help?

> I appreciate your concern and support to the Main Street Plaza Issue. As
> of yet, we didn't see the need to seek out involvement of people from 
> out
> of state. There's however, one thing that you can do to express your
> support to the church's position.
> Below is the email we've been passing around since yesterday, Dec. 05.
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> From Rob Hanks, Sent on 12/05/02
> I've just learned that there is a phone number we can call to make our
> wishes known to the City Council on the Main Street conflict. The number
> is (801) 535-7600. At the prompt, select 1 if you are in favor of the
> retaining easement; select 2 if you are in favor of the City turning 
> over
> easement to the LDS Church.
> As of yesterday 3000 votes had been cast in favor of retaining easement,
> and only 300 votes had been cast in favor of turning over the easement.
> Because this number hasn't been widely circulated, it almost looks like 
> it
> has been done on purpose so the Church won't get enough votes.
> Today, I just made the call myself, and the option 2 mailbox is full.
> Select "0" and speak to a live person. The lady I spoke with told me as 
> of
> today they can't keep the option 2 mailbox empty!
> Keep trying if you don't get through at first. Often the mailbox is 
> full.
> You can also email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or fax your comments 
> to
> 535-7651.
> I would encourage you to call and voice your opinion. Even if you don't
> live in Salt Lake City you can express your opinion.
> Pass this on to as many people as you can.
> --
> Rob Hanks

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