Hi. I just finished reading the third novel by Jerald Lund on the life of Christ. I was particularly interested in his chapter notes on all three books. Now it's back to the grind and normal study materials. I have to go back to studying such mundane computer lessons and, of course, continue to read the general conference talks by our leaders. Then there's other things to explore if I ever get the chance, but I think it would take a lifetime just to read everything there is to read by the GAs. If I get any chances in between I may read other authors, but I think this is just about it for me. I've even decided to give up most television watching in favor of reading and listening to these leaders long term. I truly believe they have long-term knowledge of future events and will in the end be able to look at all pertinent issues before another government gets established. It's obvious there are differences of opinion even in the church. I'll be interested to see what kind of government gets established and if any of us can have any input.


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