Late breaking news...well, actually, late-breaking notice of the thread for
various reasons (not only did I have a wedding Thursday through Sunday that kept
me busy, but I was offline for a while thanks to Windows ME and ZoneAlarm not
working well together).

At any rate, I know this might be like asking Baptists what they think of John
Paul II's eventual successors, but I read an interesting article on John Kerrey (I
hope I have spelled that right -- I know there's a US politician with a
similar-sounding name), and also read today that Kerrey has officially announced
his run for the presidency in 2004. Apparently he was waiting to see what Gore
would do (he didn't want to run against him). Apparently one of Kerrey's political
heroes is none other than John McCain. It would be interesting. But what do you
populae australae [people south of the border] think of Kerrey?

Chet wrote:

> Jim Cobabe wrote:
> >
> > Perhaps now the Dems will promote someone decent.
> They could do worse than Tipper.  If she could only get rid of that Al
> guy.
> *jeep!
>   --Chet
> "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
> are doing the impossible."
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