I personally associate a negative connotation with the pilgrimage when
attached to our Church.  A pilgrimage to see BY's home or to visit
historical places seems to connote a sense of worship for these things.

But I also have a sense of awe, respect and gratitude when I visit Church
historical sites.  Perhaps that does make these visits pilgrimages even
though I don't like to call them such!

So, you see, I am completely confused!  But I still feel uncomfortable
calling them pilgrimages for some mystical unknown reason.

You mileage may DEFINITELY vary!


Stacy Smith wrote:
> A pilgrimage, I am not exactly sure.  If it is a requirement for the
> faithful, then no.  If it is to get a sense of our practice, faith and
> culture I guess I'd have to say yes, but in reality I'm not sure.

Jon wrote:
> >What is a pilgrimage to you?

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