Jim Cobabe wrote:

> I was interested to learn that the Russians are now selling nuclear
> technological knowhow.  What a refreshing change for the world to buy
> their nuclear plants from the Russians, instead of from the Canadians,
> or the PRC.  Perhaps the Russian bid was cheaper.  ;->

This really isn't new, actually. There are a lot of out-of-work Russian and
Ukrainian scientists around (I've met some of them even here in Edmonton at
high-tech firms I've visited). And of course, our CANDU (and now the more compact
Maple reactor being sold by a former division of AECL, and a sister company to the
medical products division, where I lived -- see
http://biz.yahoo.com/cnw/021029/maple_1_reactor_1.html for the Maple, and
http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~cz725/cnf_sectionA.htm#c for CANDU. A Three-Mile
Island or Chernobyl-type accident is virtually impossible with either reactor.
What we won't sell are the research reactors such as are installed in Chalk River
ON (near where the uranium for the 2 US bombs dropped on Japan was mined), and
Whiteshell MN (NE of Winnipeg). Both of these reactors have very high neutron flux
-- enough to give a 1.5 cm Cobalt-60 source an energy level approaching smaller
linear accelerators.

[Yeah, yeah, I know you were yanking my chain, but give me a chance for
Marc A. Schindler
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