At 05:43 12/17/2002 -0700, Gib Egroeg wrote:
I was trying not to let it happen, but I think you topped everyone and
surely had the last word on this.


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> -George-
> > Could that be right, wright. or wrong?
> The "W" should be capitalized. Write "Wright" right. (But don't fixate
> on it to the point that you feel compelled to do so, or you'll find
> yourself performing the "Write 'Wright' right" rite.)
> Stephen

St Stephen is usually at the top of such things, which implies, fortunately for us, that he is not topless. It could even be said that he is somewhat of a ghastly, ghostly topper here, which sounds a lot like tauper,** which leads us to a taper, which will help to light the way to the old Tipper, so trip-her to stop-her before she "gores" somebody and we wind up with a stiffer for a Staufer-stuffer and have no time to peruse the troper from the proper roper-biker***** tipping precariously at the top of the stairs.

Till the ever clarifying (butter)

** do you need a chat with your bishop, Stephen?***

*** this, of course, being three "Schindllers" as opposed**** to the other one which is only two

**** which is not to be confused with the opposing sore thumb*****

***** which leads us back to Sir Scott's sore bum from two completely independent and irrelevant directions, proving inconclusively that life IS in fact one eternal round, from very top to bottom down

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