No, you'll have the content -- it's just the endnotes and some of the formatting
that's messed up. Also, I spelled "homoousis" and "homoiousis" the same in Greek;
the latter should have an iota between the two omicrons. Minor stuff like that.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Bummer!  I just printed it off to read.  I assume that the content won't
> change, so I'll try to save some trees.
> Jon
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> I can't find the email where I gave the link to the article on
> trinitarianism on my website, but I went to the site, and found that the
> article isn't in very good shape (the formatting is inconsistent and the
> footnotes are all messed up). So if you wait a few days I'll try to whip
> it into better shape.
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