John W. Redelfs wrote:
> Did the Savior ever crack jokes like President Hinckley? Is there any 
> scriptural indication that the Savior ever laughed or had a sense of 
> humor?  Reading the Book of Mormon the other day, I realized the the 
> scriptures, all of them, seem to be very somber, that is, there are no 
> laughs.  What do you think?

I think his comment to Peter (referring to him as a small stone and then 
saying "upon this boulder" - which we learn meant Peter's revelation) 
was at once a pun, a witticism, and a profound statement.  I have no 
doubt that he was very witty and clever in his earthly ministry, and 
that he told funny stories just as wisely as he told parables.  It seems 
to me that, with limited space and time (and with hand writing 
everything) the gospel writers left out as much or more than they put in 
- and they didn't see the humour as (a) very essential or (b) jokes 
which would make sense outside of their culture and time.  These guys 
knew their words were going to last for several thousand years, and 
topical humour dates very quickly.

I also note that I use the word "I" entirely too much in this post.  I 
will now go poke myself in my I and go to sleep.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you 
are doing the impossible."

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