We don't have the same tradition of class action suits here like you do in the US.
Tort reform is a hot topic in the US these days, too, as I recall -- one of the
reasons was some particular damages that were awarded by juries in Mississippi
(the Loewen case comes to mind). Perhaps Tom can comment further if he has the
time and inclination.

What's embarrassing is that Ken Kyle was in my stake when we lived in Ottawa, and
he says he remembers us, but I can't remember him -- I know the name, but can't
remember the face. Anyway, I thought listmembers might be proud that some Saints
are having influence for the good in high places.

Chet wrote:

> Marc A. Schindler wrote a lotta stuff I'm not even gonna try to keep up
> with.  Mainly, it said that tobacco companies are getting beat on in
> Canada.
> I hope so.  I really hope so.  Because in this country, the tobacco
> companies are being "beaten on" by being sued.  They raise their prices,
> so that everyone wins:  the government gets more money, the tobacco
> companies get more money, the smokers are gonna smoke no matter what,
> and a good portion of the revenue from the lawsuits go NOT to stop
> smoking -- but to subsidize tobacco farmers.
> Please tell me Canada's not going to go the same route.
> *jeep!
>   --Chet
> "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
> are doing the impossible."
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