Marc makes an admission of rare ignorance of things Canadian:

> I don't know. Tom, Mark?

Turns out that Howard Shore is a Canadian and that he cut his composing
teeth on those old David Cronenberg suspense movies like "The Fly" and
"Scanners".  I actually own a 1/2000 share of "Scanners" although I
don't think I've ever watched it and I'm sure it never came to my
attention until today that it had a musical score.  I just looked all
this up on Google.  Well except for the part about my tax shelter
investment in Canadian movie classics, "Scanners"  "Hog Wild" and
something else starring Elliott Gould and Tatum O'Neal that I forget and
no one else remembers either.  Sadly the residuals stopped rolling in a
long time ago. Long before the capital investment was recovered even, if
you can believe it. Anyway I guess this connection means that Howard and
I are practically like brothers, since we are both Canadians and have
such a deep interest in the cinematic arts. So I recant my prior
disinterest in the LOTR movies. Ya gotta love 'em fer the music, if
nothing else, eh? And is my memory on this right or have I forgotten
this too, wasn't the LOTR music really loud? Loud enough to blow the top
right off of your head maybe?  Ooops, that's the plot line for
"Scanners".  My mistake.


> "John W. Redelfs" wrote:
> > Is it true that Howard Shore, the composer of the music for The Lord
> the
> > Rings, is a Canadian?  Regardless, my hat is off to him.  The music
> one
> > of the best things about the movie.  Of course, that is just my
> > opinion. --JWR
> >
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