Jeffrey Ross wrote:
Given what we know about God having been as man now is, does anyone have 
an opinion and/or reference on whether God was a man like you and me or 
was he a man like Jesus -- that is, did he have one or two mortal 
parents?  And, does it matter?

I suspect it does matter, as with a great number of other questions for 
which we really have inadequate information to even offer intelligent 
speculation.  But we will just have to wait for the appropriate time to 
satisfy our understanding.

My take on such things is that it does not seem to be Heavenly Father's 
intent for us to know too much about them.  Otherwise I think He would 
have given us more information.  We are not constrained from asking.  I 
have the impression that many of our mighty prophets have inquired at 
length to be enlightened further about the nature of Heavenly Father.  
When the time is right, we will be taught further.

Mij Ebaboc

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