>>> Jon favored us with the following:
>On this list, several members seemed to claim 
>that you could not get to the CK if you didn't 
>do you work here on earth for yourself.  I 
>would therefore assume that people like
>Jefferson et al and Mother Teresa could not make
>it to the CK.  I myself do not agree with that stand,
>but perhaps I am missing something.

I have been a member of the list for a little while, and as yet have
never seen this assumption raised by anyone. While I may be wrong, I
hope that I am not.
Why do temple work at all if we had no hope that the recipients of that
work could enter into the Celestial Kingdom? I mean, even unbaptized,
good people will survive the changing of this earth into a terrestrial
sphere when the Savior's holy foot touches the Mount of Olives, am I
correct? If those good people, who have not received any of the required
ordinances for the Celestial Kingdom, can live with the Savior on the
earth, then again I ask: Why even attempt to do temple work at all
unless we are trying to fulfill the Lord's work and glory - "to bring to
pass the immortality and eternal life of man."* Eternal life is
exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom.
* Obviously, the "work" in this instance is complete - thanks be to God
and the Lamb, all men will resurrected and thus gain immortality. It is
the glory we are privileged to participate in - helping ourselves,
families, friends, neighbors, and kindred and non-kindred dead obtain
"eternal life."

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