> This does bring up an interesting topic.  On this list, several members
> seemed to claim that you could not get to the CK if you didn't do you work
> here on earth for yourself.  

I don't recall anyone even implying that.  I think we all understand this basic 
doctrine pretty well: either you must be baptized and confirmed in this life or have 
someone do the temple work for you before you can enter the Celestial Kingdom.  That's 
clearly scriptural and official Church doctrine.

Some of us do have questions about the spirit world because we haven't heard of any 
revelations to clarify things.  For example, since Mother Theresa was not baptized 
does she go to spirit prison?  The scriptures do imply "yes" but I think there is room 
for interpretation.  Since people live varying degrees of righteousness or wickedness 
they can't all be in the state of the wicked as described in the Book of Mormon; "in 
darkness, and a state of awful, fearful looking for the fiery indignation of the wrath 
of God upon them".  We know, for example, that the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence appeared in the St. George temple demanding that their temple work be 
done.  So obviously their version of spirit prison was not total as would presumably 
be the case with the truly wicked.

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