Hilarious story on "As It Happens" this evening (CBC Radio One). A
university in Missouri (I didn't catch the name of which one) has been
accused by a judge, who ruled against them in a tort case, as "putting
up an Alice in Wonderland defence where words mean only what I say they
mean."  The state seems to have a law that limits the cost of tuition at
state universities, and this particular university got around that by
charging additional "education fees." A group of students sued. The
judge reached for his dictionary, and read, "Tuition. Noun. Education
fee." Case closed.

Sometimes the righteous win.

Speaking of the CBC, I just heard that the plaintiff in the Supreme
Court decision which came down 8-1 on the side of marriage (one justice
said, "if you wanted to be treated as a married couple, you should've
gotten married.") was named Mary Walsh and is from Halifax. One of the 4
stars of "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," a very irreverent and very funny
comedy weekly "news" program on CBC TV is named Mary Walsh (she
occasionally dresses up in a valkyrie costume and accosts poor
politicians as "Marg the Princess Warrior" on camera), and the show is
produced in Halifax. I don't know if this is *that* Mary Walsh or not.
Another PS; according to the lawyer, Mary Walsh and er ex-common law
partner happen to have settled out-of-court on a 50-50 split, so I'm
confused as to why the case was even heard by the Supreme Court in the
first place. Also, the lawyer worked for Legal Aid, and I'm sure Mary
Walsh (the celeb) can afford a lawyer on her own, so it's probably not
the same one. Ah well, those Maritimers -- they're all related, like
Ozark cousins ;-) [actually that's not far from the truth. I remember
the last time I visited Seal Island, ancestral home of my mother's
family, off the coast of Nova Scotia. It's 3 hours by lobster boat as
there's no commercial service and only emergency coast guard service,
and the 3 crewmen introduced themselves. They were all surnamed Kenney,
were cousins of various degrees to each other, and to my Mom, but had
never met my Mom before. I'm also related to any Nickerson, Crowell or
Hamilton in Shelburne Co., N.S.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give lustre, and many
more people see than weigh.” – Lord Chesterfield

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