I had forwarded the latest FAIR newsletter (www.fairlds.org if you're
interested, and click on publications for the latest issue. There's a
Christmas message there, too, by someone y'all might know) to my Dad,
amongst others, with a foreword specifically about the Tom Murphy issue.
Here's his response, as well as my counter-response:

Dad: The deviousness of this reminds me a lot of the book that presently
got elevated to my bathroom bookshelf, titled: "Restoring the Ancient
Church," by Barry Robert Bickmore, published by FAIR. You
gave it to me for my birthday in 2000. It describes how the Gifts were
gradually lost during the first couple centuries, causing Christianity
to break up into many disagreeing factors, but primarily Jewish, Gnostic
and Catholic faiths. Being stripped of the Holy Ghost and other Gifts,
the Gnostics tried to "reason" their way to acceptance, based a lot on
the Greek methods used by many of the Greek philosophers. It is
interesting to note that Murphy, like so many of his kind, having
rebelled against the Truth, attempts similar, and just as erroneous
"logic" to justify his opinion.

My point is that those who *genuinely* seek the truth will find it, just
like you and I have. As for those who search for other than the truth,
well, even if you removed every type of "Murphy" from existence, they
still won't accept the truth simply because they don't *want* to --
they're rebellious! This doesn't mean we shouldn't expose these Murphys
because, if we didn't, how would the truth seekers find the Spark,
opening the door for the Holy Ghost to testify of the truth.

Son: I think it was Elder Boyd K. Packer who once referred to this as
"tripping over one's own professionalism." Ironically in Murphy's case,
he's a wannabe "Grey Owl", meaning a European who is more native than
the natives, but in the process he's co-opting their history using the
tools of European science -- in this case, anthropology. That's exactly
what he accuses the Church of, so it's very ironic.

P.S. Non-Canadians might not get the Grey Owl reference, so I'll explain
that he was an Englishman who moved to Canada sometime in the early part
of the 20th century and passed himself off as an Ojibway Indian. He
immersed himself so deeply in their culture that very few knew of his
"deception," except that it was not meant at all in a malignant way. His
secret was only revealed by a trusted friend after his death. Details
for the death certificate and all that, you know. One finds this in
Europeans sometimes -- I've seen it in Germans myself, in fact, and it's
one of the reasons we get so many German tourists in Alberta (besides
the skiing).
Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

“Knowledge may give weight, but accomplishments give lustre, and many
more people see than weigh.” – Lord Chesterfield

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