John W. Redelfs wrote:
Don't we already know that John the Baptist ate locusts and honey?  
Locusts are definitely animal protein, not plants.

Apparently some believe "locusts" to be a mistranslation perpetuated 
from very early manuscripts.

In certain early historical writings the phrase is found as "honey, and 
cakes made with oil and honey."  The change is attributed to misreading 
the Greek "enkis", meaning "cake oil", to "akris" which means "locusts."

But of course this is all Greek to me.

Supposedly this is also consistent with what scholars of the Dead Sea 
Scrolls have learned quite recently about the strict rules of the 
Essenes community, of which some believe John the Baptist was an 
associate.  Some of John's other peculiar habits seem to have 
interesting parallels with the Essenes culture.


Mij Ebaboc

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