In fact, their clusters are in different areas than what we would call "racial".
That is, there are several from different parts of Africa, for instance, as well
as a totally different group for Melanesians (who used to be considered blacks by
LDS until DOM's time).

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> Stephen Beecroft wrote:
> ---
> What?! Is this suggesting the outrageous proposition that
> commonly-defined racial characteristics are <gasp!> genetically based?
> ---
> Spare your outrage, Stephen.
> The authors of the study _studiously_ refrain from using the term
> "race".  Instead they characterize unique population groups as
> "clusters".  One cannot help but notice, however, that the "clusters"
> indicated on the map correspond rather remarkably with traditional
> racial demographics, but that's beside the politically-correct point.
> One wonders if the authors might have been injured by such strenuous
> bending-over-backwards exertions.  :->
> ---
> Mij Ebaboc
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