Stephen Beecroft wrote:
> IMO:
> Topica is no worse than many other free mailing-list services, and is 
> better than many. Its downtime is actually relatively small, all things 
> considered. Zion has a history on Topica that now stretches back three 
> and a half years -- quite a long time in Internet-speak. Finally, if the 
> Topica Zion list is abandoned and deleted, all messages in the archive 
> will be lost. I know of no good way to retrieve those from Topica 
> beforehand. Now perhaps I overestimate the worth of those archives; I 
> just know I find them useful. Personally, I'd rather stay with Topica, 
> and probably will not move over with the list. But that's just my 
> opinion, not worth the electrons it's printed with.
> Stephen

I don't know how reliable Topica is in relation to other list servers, 
but I do think that there is a way to save the archives on your hard 
drive.  Using a little known program called Internet Explorer you add 
the zion messages link to your "favorites" and then save it "off-line".  
Use the customize options.  I'd like to do this myself before JWR pulls 
the plug on Topica.  But I'm 800 miles from my computer and won't be 
able to do this for at least another week.  Could be too late to do it 
by then.

Also.  How smart is a listserver that won't accept 4 letter words as 
list names? A lot of people these days don't know how to use anything 


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