And do you realize how boring it is to be a sealer?  Saying all those words,
over and over again, and trying to pronounce those ferin names and all.

Now, working in Initiatories - THAT is a true privilege!


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> -Paul-
> > No one got back on the subject of why a man can't be a sealer in
> > the temple if he has been divorced even by no fault of his own.
> I don't know why. I don't think it matters. Being a sealer is not a
> right, and in the strict sense is not even a privilege. It is a calling,
> just like being a gospel doctrine teacher or a bishop or an apostle. We
> don't control our callings. We merely accept them as they come. If the
> Lord's Church has a policy not to call divorced men as sealers, what of
> it? A man needn't be a sealer to gain eternal life. He needn't even hold
> any certain Priesthood office, so long as he holds the Priesthood
> itself.
> Whether we work as a sealer in the temple, or as the prophet to head the
> Church, or as one who opens a dispensation, is as irrelevant to our
> salvation and exaltation as whether we were asked to be the second grade
> hall monitor during the first week of the year when we were seven. If we
> seek after God and do as we're asked, we will inherit the unimaginable
> -- all that the Father hath. I'm just glad we have temple sealers. I'm
> also glad we have brain surgeons, but I don't particularly want to be
> one.
> Stephen
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