Gee-wizz, John. I thought we weren't suppose to talk about Iraq? Remember
the last flame war we had? Well, since we are about to go at it again I
will only make one little itty bitty comment which is that I hope we bomb
the hell out Iraq and roll our tanks right into the palaces of that
madman in Baghdad.  

Enough said. Now back to lurking. :-)

Paul O

On Thu, 23 Jan 2003 11:04:41 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
> Here are three important questions that need to be answered before we 
> launch a preemptive strike against Iraq:
> Who has more nuclear weapons, Iraq or the United States?
> Who has more chemical weapons, Iraq or the United States?
> Who has more biological weapons, Iraq or the United States?
> If the answer is the United States in all three cases, then I 
> consider it 
> gross hypocrisy for us to use Saddam's weapons of mass destruction 
> as 
> justification for aggression against another sovereign state.  Now 
> if it 
> can be prove by evidence that Saddam Hussein was in some way behind 
> the 
> attack on the WTC, that will constitute an attack on our own soil, 
> and I 
> would fully support full retaliation by launching as invasion of 
> Iraq.
> However, I'm not sure there is any evidence to pin the WTC attack on 
> Saddam 
> Hussein.  It seems to me that if there was, then the current 
> administration 
> in the White House would trot it ought as the primary argument for 
> war with 
> Iraq.  That they have not done so is the best proof that Saddam was 
> not 
> involved in the September 11th attacks.
> John W. Redelfs    [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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