They've had big evidence on Rudolph in the B'ham bombing since early on.
That was also when he was driven into the NC woods. At that time, they
also began looking at him for possible attacks on other places in the
Southeast, which led to him as a suspect on the 96 Atlanta Olympics.
You'll note that they had recused everyone else in that bombing,
including Richard Jewel, prior to Rudolph being a suspect.  

I am very certain that they have the right person for several of these
bombings, if not all. Interesting, since he's been forced to hide in NC
woods, there haven't been any more bombings.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
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Family History, Food Storage, etc.

Grampa Bill comments:
   The accused, alleged, purported, suspected bomber of the Atlanta 
   You think the Feds are as certain of his guilt as they were of 
Richard Jewel's? I say, let's see what kind of evidence they have. If 
they had solid evidence against Rudolph, why did they go after Jewel 
with such a vengeance?
    From what I've heard, the evidence is strongest in the Birmingham 
Abortion Clinic bombing. At least there, his vehicle was seen in the 
neighborhood. As for the three bombings in Georgia, another Abortion 
Clinic, a Gay Bar, and the Olympic Park, I 'spect the Bureau is just 
trying to close cases.
    I'll try to keep an open mind on this though it is a certainty that 
the media... even Fox... has already convicted him.
Love y'all,
Grampa Bill in Savannah

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