Ronn wrote: 
<<Paul, maybe you should consider carrying around one of those big squirt 
bottle of that anti-bacterial hand gel and use it every time immediately 
after you shake someone's hand . . . and hope you never get called as 
Sacrament meeting door greeter . . .>>

I would rather shake hands than the greeting I got this past Sunday.  Our
first Sunday in our new unit, and some brother comes up and, ignoring my
outstretched hand, hugs me.  Needless to say, being hugged by a man who was
a total stranger to me made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  Yeah, yeah, I know
we're not strangers but fellow saints, but that doesn't mean I want to hug
one I've not ever met yet.  I'm just going to have to make a point to avoid
this person, I guess (unless y'all have any other suggestions).  Heck,
there's a lot about the way this branch is run that I just don't know about husband believes this is a test for us to see how we'll react to
all the weirdness going on.

Paul, you can get bottles of the anti-bacterial stuff that is the right
size for your pocket or your wife's handbag, and they have a flip top. 
Either that, or you can carry around those individually-wrapped
anti-bacterial moist towelettes, as I do.  That, and I keep a container of
those wipes that are the kind that you can use for hands or whatever
(there's Lever2000, know what I mean, though, right?) in
the car at all times.

Anyway, stay tuned for tales from our new branch...
Heidi the fair

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