Gramps, this is interesting.  Of course, as you said, it is all speculation,
and I might add, wild speculation at that.  What you describe sounds more
like Gadianton robbers than Saints.  The Lord does not need a vast amount of
wealth to be turned over at some point, of this I am quite certain.  I also
don't believe that the Lord needs a band of Samurai warriors ready and
willing to kill whomever the Lord wants killed.

Do you?  Really?


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> >I've read the official stuff from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism and such.
> >Don't want the outrageous "whispers". Door #2, "our whispers".
> >
> >
> ===============================
> Grampa Bill whispers:
>     They were/are real. Special Operations group for the Council of the
> Fifty. Co50 is another shadowy organization. Set up by Joseph Smith,
> their mission is seldom really clear, If you read the minutes and
> comments of its members, there seems to be confusion. Some even thought
> the Fifty was to take the lead of the Church after JS's martyrdom.
> Almost childish ramblings and jockeying for position. Last meeting in
> late 1800s after which it dissolved. I don't believe a word of it.
>     Co50 was undeniably real. JS spent much time and effort establishing
> it (and JS didn't waste his time). Purpose is less clear but seems that
> even as the Church is to prepare the world spiritually for Christ's
> return, the Co50 was/is to prepare the world politically and
> economically. I believe that it became expedient to do this in a very
> quiet discreet manner and so the group mocked itself and publicly
> dissolved while continuing its work unseen by the world. I suspecct that
> a great deal of the world's wealth and resources are controlled today by
> the Co50 awaiting the time to publicly turn it over to the Lord and His
> prophet.
>     If the Co50 was what it appeared to be, s group of buffoons who
> sqabbled and fought until it fell apart, then JS spent a lot of time and
> energy on what became a total failure. Can't believe that. Was real/is
>     Back to Danites or Avenging Angels. I believe they did/do what
> had/has to be done. That does NOT mean midnight visits to everybody
> whose testimony was/is weak or who was reluctant to allow his daughter
> become a plural wife of one of the Bretheren. Did/do they have a
> "license to kill?" Probably, but used EXTREMELY infrequently, and only
> when the necessity approached/s that of Nephi wasting Laban.
>     Today, I 'spect there is some shifting back and forth between Church
> Security and the Danites with Church Security providing a training
> ground and a ripe field for recruitment of Danite operatives.
>     All of the above is probably merely the fevered ravings of a
> somewhat delusional old man. Only the Danites themselves (if they
> exist), the First Presidency, the Fifty, and the Executive Committee
> (the three with the most seniority) of the Twelve are likely to know for
> certain.
> Love y'all,
> Grampa Bill in Savannah
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