Are we prohibited from owning stock in Coca Cola?


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The Mormons don't. They don't own Pepsi either. These are so-called "urban legends." If you are interested in who really does own Coca-Cola, here is an interesting, short article.

It turns out that there may be individual Mormons who own Coca-Cola stock, but that is as close to the truth as these legends come. I found the following paragraph from the article particularly interesting as it corroborates something that I have long said:

"Though we hate to ruin a good bit of lore with the facts, the truth is that although Mormons have been advised by church leaders to avoid caffeinated beverages, this suggestion has not been passed down as official church <>doctrine to which all members in good standing must adhere (unlike, say, the admonitions against coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol, which are church doctrine). Mormons can swill Coca-Cola, eschew it and all other caffeinated beverages, or indulge in the occasional Coke and still be considered churchgoers in good standing."

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