Since I'm using library comptuer time and am on the road, I must keep this short.  (I 
wanted sooooo much to reply to some wonderful posts from Heidi and John!)

The Book of Mormon indicates that charity is not just something we cultivate, but 
something which must start as a gift from Heavenly Father, and that we should pray for 
charity.  This was taught me by a wise home teacher who thereby taught me how to gain 
loving feelings towards someone who had become a bitter enemy.  It took me over a year 
-- there turned out to be some large barriers of pride before I could accpet this gift 
-- but I can attest that charity may not always HAVE to be solely a gift from Heavenly 
Father (perhaps there are people who can "have" it on their own) but that was the way 
I gained it.  I didn't just ask to "love my enemy" but for true charity for my enemy.

It was bitter, but it worked.  Can't change my enemies - I can't even change myself - 
but Heavenly Father and the Spirit can change my heart.  And have done so, time and 
again, even against my will.

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong." Gus Segar via 

--- Stacy Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi.  Ever since I can remember growing up and growing more unloving towards 
my sibling, I have had the problem of plain starting out with mild 
revulsion for her, constantly growing into complete dislike for her and 
wishing I could have nothing to do with her.  Since I know this is not 
spiritual behavior and since I know it isn't Christian, I try to go out of 
my way to show her the feelings I don't really feel.  But this has not 
worked to change my feelings about her.  It is getting worse as the years 
go by.


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