Since the church has finally gotten involved in answering allegations, according to the message below, it would appear, has this been an official response and will the church officially answer the Tanners, etc.?


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Boy, this list is really dead, only 23 messages since June and none in the last three days. I've never seen anything like it since the list was created in November of 1993.

Do any of you read Meridian Magazine? My wife reads it religiously. The latest big news is the destruction by fire of the temple in Samoa.

Has anyone read anything about the new book by Jon Krakauer called UNDER THE BANNER OF HEAVEN: A STORY OF VIOLENT FAITH. It is already on the Amazon Top 100 list just on the basis of preorders. The Church has published a highly negative response to it written by Richard E. Turley, Jr. at,15367,3881-1---2-748,00.html

Apparently the book paints Mormons as latent killers because of their tendency towards religious extremism. I doubt if I will buy the book, but apparently a great many others will. It isn't going to do our missionary work any good.

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