Some time ago Attilla the Elf was asking about Linux distributions.  Well, I've 
recently downloaded Knoppix and I love it.  It's on the top ten list at

The Knoppix distribution is intended to be burned onto a CD (or you can buy a CD for a 
couple of bucks).  This CD is then fully bootable and runnable _without_ installing 
onto your hard drive.  So you can run Linux and really give it a whirl without having 
to go whole hog.

When you boot Knoppix it automatically detects pretty much all your hardware - video, 
networking (including wireless), mouse, etc.  On my old P133 HP Omnibook laptop it got 
everything except the sound which I easily configured later.

Knoppix contains hundreds of programs so you can do everything you want to - word 
processing, spreadsheets, internet, play CD's (and DVD movies if you have a DVD 
player), scan, print and so on.  I liked it so much that I installed it permanently on 
my laptop and completely erased the MS Windows 98 it came with.

If you want to try out Linux but were ever afraid before you should just try Knoppix.  
You'll have a lot of fun.

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