I think you're right probably. In the long run the work for the dead for a nonmember doesn't count for much because it's always guesswork whether anything ever happens in the spirit world.


At 12:08 AM 07/13/2003 -0500, you wrote:

Stacy Smith:

All right.  Let's get practical.  If one hasn't the temple
marriage one wants I suppose it's fruitless to even try for
anything like this.

Larry Jackson:

I believe it would take a successful temple marriage.


But if one were to eventually get that and everything else
being equal, how would someone do this in a modern
setting?  In an apartment?


Someone could do a lot of the preparation there, I think.


Do you mean to tell me one would have to go hunting,
go to a remote region in the mountains, etc., to get it?


Not at all.


And what about people who have been married civilly,
then get divorced, etc.?  Have they ever forfeited the chance
to ever have a temple marriage and everything else?  I
have never been married and then divorced afterwards,
but suppose I was?  Do these things make it impossible?


I don't think so.  They would have to qualify for a temple
marriage and be successful at it, I believe, before the
additional blessings would be received.

Larry Jackson

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