Chet this is a good post, but I have another, additional,  view of the
striving for perfection.

Section 93 says that truth is independent in the sphere in which it
operates.  Matthew says "Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in
Heaven is perfect"

It seems impossible to be perfect by the standard of the Fathers absolute
perfection, at least in this life.

However if we read Matthew to say:  Be ye therefore perfect [in your earthly
sphere of existence] even as your Father in Heaven is perfect [in His
celestial existence], then it becomes possible to accomplish.  The standards
for each sphere of existence for perfection is different, but attainable for
those in each sphere.

Just a thought for your consideration.


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> Yup.  Which is a lot of what the Gospel seems to be about, it seems to
> me.  Which is (our self-improvement) secondary to our acceptance (not
> necessarily our understanding) of the Atonement.  After all, perfecting
> the Saints is one of our goals (and that includes perfecting ourselves),
> along with redeeming the dead and proclaiming the Gospel.  But even the
> mission of the Church comes after the acceptance of the Atonement itself.
> Sort of off-topic, it's awe-inspiring to me that the Church fixedly sets
> its (our) sights on goals which all Church leaders and most members agree
> are literally impossible.  Not only do we have to have faith that the
> Savior will cause these goals to be ultimately reached, we have to have
> faith that we will never see the goals obtained in our lifetimes.
> *jeep!
>   --Chet
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> writes:
> > In other words what you're saying is essential self-control and
> > self-mastery.
> >
> > Stacy.
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