*Alter-Ego* was the fanzine which created comics fandom, back in 1960. 
There had been a few 'zines before -- one as far back as the 1930s -- but
Dr. Jerry Bails & Roy Thomas (mainly Jerry) really got the ball rolling
with A/E.  Jerry & Roy were instrumental in the revival of the Justice
Society (called Justice League in the new version) and Roy even ended up
"going pro" -- first working for DC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,
etc.), then for Marvel for almost 20 years, then DC for a short time,
then freelance -- and now he's a farmer.

AND an editor, because he revived *Alter Ego* (this time, without a
hyphen) a few years back.  John Morrow publishes it for Roy
(http://www.twomorrows.com/alterego/index.html) and it is, IMHO, better
than ever.  And you're hearing from someone who used to get copies of it
in the 1960s!

The two latest issues include a heart-warming tribute to Jerry Bails
(Which was difficult to keep secret from Jerry) and, most currently, a
big ol' interview with Joe Sinnott and a deep interview with Irwin
Donefield, whose father "re-started" DC (National Publications) in 1936
or 1937; Irwin himself became the head of National and of magazine
distributor Independent News until sometime around 1968.  These were in
the days when comics which sold fewer than 200,000 copies each issue -
were cancelled.

Most of the contributors to A/E are professionals now (Michael Gilbert,
Jim Amash, Mark Evanier, to name three) but it still retains that fannish
feeling.  'smatter of fact, Roy liked one spoof that I did for the
Alter-Ego Fans list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alter-ego-fans/) that
he's planning to run it in a (very) future A/E.  (It's a spoof of issue
#50, so it will be years yet.)

 "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 11:41:54 -0800 "John W. Redelfs"

> What is this Alter-Ego that you speak of, another comic book?  It 
> sounds 
> interesting.  My son and I have a small comic collection from a 
> phase we 
> went through some years ago, but we haven't continued to collect 
> them and 
> have no idea what our collection is worth.
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