> What about you all?  Have any of you seen a good movie lately?  I buy a 
> couple of DVDs every month, and I'm always looking for something good that 
> I have overlooked.

My wife and I laughed (sinned?) all the way through "The Singles Ward".  The critics 
in and out of the Church stomped all over the movie but I have not met anyone in the 
Church who did not think the movie uproariously funny.

"The Other Side of Heaven" is fabulously good for the whole family.  Again, non-LDS 
critics panned the movie but it is one of the better movies I have ever had the 
fortune to enjoy.

"Charlie"  was not so good although most members seemed to really enjoy it.  This is 
one movie where I agreed more with the critics.  The musical play was far better and 
in most ways truer to the book.  I know that Jack Weyland was very happy with the 
movie but I believe that the director misstepped.

I have really been enjoying my mega-set of the complete series "The Prisoner".  There 
are 17 episodes of the best TV show ever made hands down and the mega set has them 
all.  Of course, even though it is the best TV series ever done does not mean that 
everyone will like it.  My wife doesn't sit with me to enjoy it but fortunately my 
fourteen year old son does.

Try rottentomatoes.com to get a good take on a movie.  The website sums up all the 
reviews of paid critics (i.e. columnists or professional reviewers from many 
publications) and gives a percentage rating.  Since most movies get around 100 reviews 
or more, and since the reviewers are from a variety of persuasions you get a very 
balanced take on each movie.  I find rottentomatoes.com to be seldom wrong.  Then I 
jump over to screenit.com to see if I can watch the movie (i.e. no gore, sex or 
language).  If it's good but unclean I either skip it or hope for a chance to see a 
version done by cleanflicks.com

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