More sophisticated?  They like to think so, but they are just more worldly,
and farther from the principles that lead to life.  They will persecute us,
using us (and other believers in Christ and Jews) as the scapegoats for the
ills of the world.  If only we would believe as they do, if only we would
shed the archaic beliefs in some being beyond this world and understand
that we just need to tolerate our differences and not hold to such a
hardline doctrine, then we would understand that we can all achieve a
higher level of being and of peace by working together...  Of course, we
know that this line will be a twisting of the truth and those who continue
to hold onto the iron rod will be persecuted as the cause of so many
problems.  They will make special laws that WILL persecute us, despite
their mantra of tolerance.   They've done it before.  They'll do it again.
I believe we have seen the beginnings of this already.  The pieces are
being placed.  Both sides (good and evil) have a master plan.  But that
doesn't matter.  We only need to hold to the rod.


For those of you who are long-time Zion members, you may remember me -
Rusty Taylor.  I've been on John's lists off and on since the beginning...
anyone else remember the awesome cyber-food fights we had?  Well, I've been
teaching Seminary for the last 4 years and didn't have time to do that and
be on this list.  Now, I'm done for a while.  I need a break.  Our oldest
son has left on his mission and our younger son will be a senior in high
school this year.  I want to spend more time with him before he goes on his

For those of you who don't know me - I joined the Church at 16 with my
parents and younger 2 sisters (an older brother was away at college at the
time and has never joined).  We were baptized at the Joseph Smith Memorial
in Sharon, VT.  I went to school at BYU and went on a mission to Sapporo,
Japan.  Then I met my husband, Bob - we got married, moved to Alaska and
ended up in Kotzebue.  That's where we met John and Esperanza.  After 6
years and adopting our sons, we moved back to the lower 48, and have lived
on the Kitsap Peninsula (across the Puget Sound from Seattle) ever since.
I work for the local school district.  I don't have a Church calling at the

I'm looking forward to being part of "Zion", again.  Yoroshiku onegai

Sis. Rusty

>Persecution against the Saints does not have to assume the same form as
>those overt violent acts against the Church in the Nauvoo period.  Even
>more hateful and vindictive injustice was weighed against the Church
>after it was established in the Rocky Mountains.  The extent of the
>bureacratic and legalistic punishment of the Church by the US Government
>during that period is difficult to fathom.  Such predations could easily
>be revisited in the near future.  It seems that all the motivation
>required during the earlier period of anti-Mormon aggression was the
>manipulation of public sentiment by powerful people in high places.  Are
>people any more sophisticated today?

   "There are no coincidences, only small miracles." Author Unknown

                  Mrs. Rusty Taylor - Poulsbo, WA
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