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> I found the article very frustrating.  After reading the first half of it,
> I discovered that the second half was off the right side of my screen with
> no way to access it.
> Let's see.  The Brethren ask us to:
> 1) Keep a year's supply of food, clothing, and fuel
This is done slowly over time, rotating our food, buying the same food we
eat dailyu as our food storage.  It may take years, but we can achieve it.
> 2) Go on a mission
A young man does not have to go on a mission on his 19th birthday.  He can
stay at home and save his money while working, paying his own way.  Also,
there ane many in this church who pay for others to go on missions.  If the
money is that tight, whatever the young man cannot afford will be paid for
by others.

> 3) Get an education

Community colleges, scholarships, etc.

> 4) Own our own home

If we can afford it.  or move to where you can afford it.  Or live in a
trailer or a mobile home.

> 5) Pay our debts

I.e., live within your means.

> 6) Keep the wife at home

While the children are high school or below.

> 7) Have as many children as we can

as we can ... afford.  An important distinction.

> 8) Save for a rainy day

it's called Dabaseering (have you read The Richest Man in Babylon? - save
10% of your income, after returning 10% to the Lord as tithing - pay
yourself first and live on the rest.)  (I think I spelled that word wrong,
but the definition is the same.)
> 9) Send our sons on missions
See 2 above.  Our sons can/should pay their own way.

> 10) Serve a senior's mission after retirement
We can serve a senior mission right where we live - we don't have to go
anywhere or live anywhere else.
> 11) Pay tithing
People say "pay".  Actually, if we believe as Brigham did/does, we own
nothing; it is all the Lord's.  We just show him that we acknowledge this by
giving a token amount to support his church and his plan here on Earth.

> 12) Contribute a generous fast offering
As generous as we can afford.  This should not "cost" us anything, since we
are simply taking the money we WOULD have spent and giving it to others.  No
net change in financial position, just a new change in our waistlines!

> Add it all up, and a man has to be a millionaire just to follow prophetic
> counsel.  Who has all this income?  Not I.

Although I must admit that I have a very generous income, I am not a
millionaire by any means.  If we do our very best to joyfully live the
Lord's commandments as we commit to do every Sacrament meeting, then we will
have enough, and we will have done enough, to satisfy the Lord.  (I must
stipulate here that I am not yet ready to die, because I don't think that I
have done enough or tried hard enough.  But I am doing better than a year

Don't you agree?


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