Right, that makes more sense. One is the process of melting metal from ore and working the metal, the other is more, uh, well, melting metal from ore, and, hmm, working the metal.

Maybe that doesn't make much sense after all.


George Cobabe wrote:

I think that there is a difference between melting and working gold and the
making of metal alloys such as steel.  I think that is what is being
objected to when they say they was no metal working.


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I found an article on mining and metallurgy in ancient America, mostly in
NW South America. I have heard some object to the Book of Mormon on
grounds that there has been no evidence of a metal working culture in
American archaeology. Apparently I'm missing something. Isn't gold a
metal? And didn't the Spanish conquistadors take mountains of gold back


the Old World even to the point of causing a great inflation?  Undoubtedly
I just don't understand the objection being made.  To be honest, I haven't
made a study of it, apologetics not being one of my strong interests.

Question:  Do we yet know where Lehi landed in the Americas, and where the
earliest Lehite colonies were?  Is it still generally thought that he
landed on the coast of modern Chile, or was that ever a popular theory?

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