No, I do not.  The idea that the DNA from a small group of about 20-30
people in the Lehi party would have a significant impact on the populations
already in the Americas is hard to accept and understand.

If you can somehow show what kind of DNA you are looking for you will
already be way ahead of those who are claiming they cannot find it.  What
does the DNA of Lehi look like????  Furthermmore it is the female DNA that
passes down intact through the years and most of the female lineage is not
identified in the BofM.  What is the linage of Ismael and Zoram?

For more on this issue you might want to check out  This is a
group of LDS apologists that are tracking the issue.


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> Who is keeping up on the DNA evidence supporting or refuting the Book of
> Mormon on the origins of the American Indian?
> I notice that there is some kind of symposium coming up on whether or not
> DNA evidence supports or refutes a middle eastern origin for Native
> Americans.  Surely if Lehi was a Hebrew and the ancestor of some
> significant portion of today's Lamanites, that fact will be buttressed by
> DNA evidence, don't you think?
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