I didn't see the marriage thing as anything but that--but I'm not into
conspiracy as many on this list are ;-).  

I was actually proud of little Dubyah that he had the guts to stand up
for something like marriage.  

For me, I am glad to have heard the words, "marriage is sacred" spoken by
the leader of our country (I wondered at that moment if he hadn't just
gotten off the phone with Pres. Hinckley!).  The Marriage is one of
Satan's many battlefields, as is the family.  If he can successfully
destroy the family, then the Church will fail.  Since we know that's not
supposed to happen, can we presume the family is safe?  I don't think so.

While I don't agree with constitutionalizing marriage, I believe a stand
by our leaders is necessary in the fight for the preservation of
something as sacred as marriage.


On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 18:30:34 -0400 Grampa Bill in Savannah
> Valerie Nielsen Williams wrote:
> >I don't think, though, that the persecution will have the backing 
> of the government as it did in the days of Boggs.  
> >
> =================================
> Grampa Bill comments:
>   snip>     There is a movement afoot today to pass a Constitutional 
> amendment 
> to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. This is 
> being 
> promoted as a ban on homosexual marriage. I view it as a 
> Constitutional 
> sanction against Plural Marriage. Now, I do not know if this 
> principle 
> will again be restored prior to the Lord's return. But if this 
> amendment 
> is passed and the principle restored, you can bet that the full 
> armed 
> might of the government will be raised against us.
>     People are people. They are no less bigoted and devilish than 
> they 
> were a hundred or two hundred years ago. They just have a thin 
> veneer of 
> sophistication to hide their bigotry.
> Love y'all,
> Grampa Bill in Savannah
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