I had to read this over a couple of times, and then ponder what this
writer said before I could respond.

My conclusion is that the writer is using flawed logic to make his case. 
He seems to be saying that we as LDS spend foolishly as long as we pay
our tithing because we believe we will be financially rescued.  One of
our basic tenets is that "Faith without works is dead."  I didn't see
this mentioned at all.

As for the studies done, I believe anyone, can examine any population
looking for something and find it--whether the finding is significant or
not, it gets written up in a journal and people believe it to be the

Instead of attacking the religion, perhaps the writer should have
examined the economy and the types of jobs that have been lost.  I think
there would be a much stronger correlation to that than to the tithing

my 2 cents

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> The liberal perspective examined...
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