Kent wonders:
So does that mean that only the indians in New York are their descendents,
or that the Araucano indians in Southern Chile are also their descendents,
or that all Indians of whatever lineage are their descendents, or that
early Church leaders were making a gross generalization?

Ronn! Blankenship wrote:

At 08:52 PM 8/12/03 -0600, R. Kent Francis wrote:

Kent Francis writes:

If we look at the Bible as history, the distances involved are less than 500
miles by 100 miles and the area was inhabited by Phoenesian, Philistines, Syrians, Egyptians and other peoples in addition to the Israelites... who were at various times in their history politically fractionated.
Why have we subscribed to the concept that all the native americans were

Probably due to the statement in the introduction to the BoM which states that they are the "principal ancestors" . . .

-- Ronn! :)


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