I think that there is a difference between melting and working gold and the
making of metal alloys such as steel.  I think that is what is being
objected to when they say they was no metal working.


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> http://www.geotimes.org/aug03/resources.html
> I found an article on mining and metallurgy in ancient America, mostly in
> NW South America.  I have heard some object to the Book of Mormon on
> grounds that there has been no evidence of a metal working culture in
> American archaeology.  Apparently I'm missing something.  Isn't gold a
> metal?  And didn't the Spanish conquistadors take mountains of gold back
> the Old World even to the point of causing a great inflation?  Undoubtedly
> I just don't understand the objection being made.  To be honest, I haven't
> made a study of it, apologetics not being one of my strong interests.
> Question:  Do we yet know where Lehi landed in the Americas, and where the
> earliest Lehite colonies were?  Is it still generally thought that he
> landed on the coast of modern Chile, or was that ever a popular theory?
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