Paul Osborne wrote:
> I almost cried when I found out that apologists at BYU now
> say the Nephites rode deer and not horses. Now we have wooden swords and
> deer. Somehow that is not what I think Joseph Smith was seeing in the
> Urim & Thummim. I'm sad. 

Paul, don't be sad about finding higher levels of enlightenment.

We don't know what Joseph saw in the Urim and Thummim.  Only a few 
descriptive narratives -- and the Book of Mormon.

Some of our Arnold Frieburg created notions are deeply ingrained, but 
not necessarily true.

Learning the truth is partly about finding where our ideas are wrong, 
and setting them aside.  Not an easy task, to be sure.  But necessary.

Remember, faith is a knowledge of things we believe, which are true.  We 
cannot exercise true faith in things that are false.

Jim Cobabe

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