I recently visited the ruins at Chichen Itza (sp). As most good tourists
do, I listened to the guide giving the standard pitch on the dating of
the pyramid and made the trek up the side of the structure to the top.
After enjoying the great view, I trundled down and went to the East side
of the pyramid and climed up a steep tunnel to the top of the pyramid
upon which the visible pyramid was build upon. In other words, it
appears that the major structures we see today were build upon older
structures that, of course, predate the civilization represented by the
outer structure. So, what are the dates of the older ruin? I don't
remember but I recall thinking that a good way to erase the memory of a
civilization is to cover their monuments with your own...


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> My family and I just returned from Salt Lake City where we 
> saw the Church 
> film at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the first 
> time.  I believe 
> the film was called THE TESTAMENTS.
> Just one question:  What were Mayan pyramids doing in the 
> film?  I thought 
> the high civilization of the Maya was nearly a thousand years 
> after the 
> extinction of the Nephites?  Am I wrong?  If there were no 
> Mayans at the 
> time of the Nephites, isn't it a little dishonest to portray 
> the ancient 
> Nephite as Mayan?  Anyway, it kind of bothered me.  I liked 
> the last film, 
> the one about Joseph Smith, a lot better.
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