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Here's an age-old quandry (expressed in the 5th paragraph, but the
previous paragraphs set it up so I thought I'd include them) that I
recall being discussed in General Conferences during and after World War
II, and used to be discussed during the Great Days of the Zion list (back
when we weren't too uptight to let our hair down and have an occasional
food fight).  I was wondering if you had any comments you'd like to add.
(This sort of discussion goes on alla time in the Mormon Gamers list.)

 "Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible, and suddenly you
are doing the impossible."

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      This seems completely irrelvant, but I thought I'd fill you in a
aboyt what's been happening.
      A week ago i was cleared to go back to full duty at my day job as a
school custodian. It still hurts my back to put in a full days work, but
according to my P.T. my back is healing very nicely and is at about 95%
of normal. The one problem is that my doctor prescribed a medication I
can;t obtain, so I have to rely on over-the-counter medicines, herbal
remedies and whatever I can find to provide relief from the soreness
involved in using a set of muscles that is still healing.

Not your question, I know, but when he says "my doctor prescribed a medication I can't obtain," dies he mean "in my present circumstances I can't afford it" or something else?

-- Ronn! :)

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