Chet Cox" wrote:
> What miracles seem miraculous to you?

I was reminded today during Gospel Doctrine of an event which happened to
me.  Was it miraculous?  I guess that depends upon your definition.  Did it
impact my testimony?  I'll let you guess.

I received my endowments on 1994 Sep 23.  During that Fall, although I had
to travel a lot for business, I was blessed to be able to attend about 20
endowment sessions.  One of these was in the Portland Temple.  I had a red
eye back to the east coast that evening, and so I had time to attend at
least 2 sessions.  However, after I had completed my first session, I felt
that I had to leave the temple; I was almost literally chased out!  So,
being one to take a hint, I left.

I drove (what I remember to be) across the street to eat at Denny's.  On the
way in, I encountered a man in the parking lot who said that he and his
father had not had anything to eat.  I gave him $5.  He then asked for money
to take the bus down to Maryville (does that even exist? - you'll see
later).  I told him "No," as I wasn't going to keep giving out money, but I
told him I had sufficient time to drive them down.

The man went in to Jack in the Box to get his father, and off we went.  The
man, who was about 30 and quite well muscled, kept giving me different
directions as we drove south.  It soon became apparent to me that his true
intent was to rob me.  For some reason, I was not afraid.  I can't tell you
to this day why I wasn't.

Soon after I had this feeling, I felt the Spirit as strongly as I have ever
felt it.  Within about 1/2 second, the man said that he wanted to be let out
of the car, and spotting a 7-11, asked to be let out there.  As he went to
get out of the car, he said "Weren't you scared?"  Why he asked that, I
don't know.  For some reason, I replied "No. I have the Priesthood."  I must
have been prompted to say that, for otherwise, I have no idea where it came

Anyway, the three of us talked for about 15 minutes, and we parted on very
friendly terms.  Was this event for me?  For them?  For all of us?  Was it a
miracle?  I think that many would think that this manifestation of the
Spirit, which was observable and confirmed by both believer and
non-believer, falls into that class of events.

All I know is that I received proof positive, after I already knew what the
truth was.

To me, that is a miracle.


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