I think this is beautiful, and a perfect example of a miracle.  I
think that all too often we think that we have to be able to watch water
convert to wine before we will believe in miracles.
        There is a new show coming this fall, Joan of Arcadia.  In one of
the previews, "God" appears to Joan and she wants a miracle.  He points
to a tree and says, "There you go."  Her answer is "That's just a tree."
and he says, "Then let's see you do it." [roughly paraphrased]
        Miracles exist in what we all too often view as mundane, everyday
things.  It's a miracle I breathe, that I wake up every morning, that the
sun actually "rises" [no we won't go into whether the sun rises--we all
know better].  
        Thank you for sharing this most personal experience.


On Sun, 17 Aug 2003 15:27:33 -0400 Jon Spencer
> I was reminded today during Gospel Doctrine of an event which 
> happened to
> me.  Was it miraculous?  I guess that depends upon your definition.  
> Did it
> impact my testimony?  I'll let you guess.
> I received my endowments on 1994 Sep 23.  During that Fall, although 
> I had
> to travel a lot for business, I was blessed to be able to attend 
> about 20
> endowment sessions.  One of these was in the Portland Temple.  I had 
> a red
> eye back to the east coast that evening, and so I had time to attend 
> at
> least 2 sessions.  However, after I had completed my first session, 
> I felt
> that I had to leave the temple; I was almost literally chased out!  
> So,
> being one to take a hint, I left.
> I drove (what I remember to be) across the street to eat at Denny's. 
>  On the
> way in, I encountered a man in the parking lot who said that he and 
> his
> father had not had anything to eat.  I gave him $5.  He then asked 
> for money
> to take the bus down to Maryville (does that even exist? - you'll 
> see
> later).  I told him "No," as I wasn't going to keep giving out 
> money, but I
> told him I had sufficient time to drive them down.
> The man went in to Jack in the Box to get his father, and off we 
> went.  The
> man, who was about 30 and quite well muscled, kept giving me 
> different
> directions as we drove south.  It soon became apparent to me that 
> his true
> intent was to rob me.  For some reason, I was not afraid.  I can't 
> tell you
> to this day why I wasn't.
> Soon after I had this feeling, I felt the Spirit as strongly as I 
> have ever
> felt it.  Within about 1/2 second, the man said that he wanted to be 
> let out
> of the car, and spotting a 7-11, asked to be let out there.  As he 
> went to
> get out of the car, he said "Weren't you scared?"  Why he asked 
> that, I
> don't know.  For some reason, I replied "No. I have the Priesthood." 
>  I must
> have been prompted to say that, for otherwise, I have no idea where 
> it came
> from.
> Anyway, the three of us talked for about 15 minutes, and we parted 
> on very
> friendly terms.  Was this event for me?  For them?  For all of us?  
> Was it a
> miracle?  I think that many would think that this manifestation of 
> the
> Spirit, which was observable and confirmed by both believer and
> non-believer, falls into that class of events.
> All I know is that I received proof positive, after I already knew 
> what the
> truth was.
> To me, that is a miracle.
> Jon
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