One of the basic tenets of Gnosticsim seems to be that we were consigned 
to this mortal probation as punishment for our evil nature.  This 
contradicts some of the basic principles of the true Gospel.

The Gnostics were isolationists and hermits who hated the world, and 
expressed their emnity by holding themselves separate.  Our doctrine is 
that we should live in the world, but avoid being worldly.  A marked 
contrast in pragmatic thinking.

One of the aspects of Gnosticism that appeals to some is the element of 
secrecy.  Some would draw parallels between this and our religion.  The 
difference is that temple ordinances are closed because of their sacred 
nature, not because there is any need to keep them hidden.  Anyone who 
wishes can find out everything that goes on in our temples.

An intriguing question --  if we enter the temple unworthily, how is our 
presence there different from interlopers who intrude there?

Jim Cobabe

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