John -
This was a very interesting article.  It is certainly true that there are
fallible men in our Church, and at all levels.  I have my own stories of the
actions of these men.

However, this article was written as if all that was said is the truth.
When I am irked at someone in the Church, I always ask myself the question
"Which commandment is it that I am having a problem keeping?"  I always find
it, and peace follows.  When others I know have left the Church (a very
small number), I ask the same question.  I usually know the answer.

These people in general have a problem with their egos.  They generally have
a problem submitting for reasons they don't understand, when they should
know that they will come to understand them.  Those who have been to the
temple have covenanted to keep the law of consecration.  There is much more
to this than just worldly goods, in my opinion.  But I guess that is fodder
for a different thread.

What I find interesting is that of those whose works I have read, I found
only Gileadi to be inspired, long before I knew that he had been ex'ed.  My
understanding of Isaiah expanded tremendously when I read his first book
(well, the first one of his that I read).  The others left me cold.  Isn't
it interesting that it was he and he alone who humbled himself.

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> Read this today, and thought there might be some here who are interested
> this news story by Peggy Fletcher Stack from the Sunstone Symposium.
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